Philosophy & mission

Our goal is to harmonize the interactions between people and systems. In an orchestra, the first violin is the bridge between the conductor and orchestra. It brings the composer’s vision to life and breathes soul into the interplay. We successfully translate this motto into IT projects.

All employees – both yours and ours – are integrated into a project in a way that allows them to bring their individual experience and authenticity to the table. Great IT solutions don’t just come from know-how: they result from a team in which every member has the chance to participate and thrive. Our IT solutions are based on this experience. 

We are convinced that your system can do more than you think – and so can you! This is what we want to develop and implement together with you at the IT level – and we want to make sure that in no time you won’t need us anymore! Once we have made ourselves superfluous, our goal is achieved..

What we do

Consulters consult – and we get right to it. Our strength is fusing business processes and information into a harmonious whole.

Our consultants lay the framework for the success of your project and support your specialty and IT departments while changing processes. For us, innovation means working together with our clients as partners, from the conception to implementation.

The result is streamlined, pragmatic solutions, which yield the most use value relative to the effort put in and are geared as much as possible to SAP standards.


Who we are

Die Erste Geige (“first violin” in German), founded in 2006, is a small and flexible SAP consultancy company. We seek simple solutions for complex tasks.
We optimize IT resources and give honest and tailor-made advice. We are happy to network SAP with tethered order systems such as Web, APP, and checkout. When software problems occur, including after implementation, you can count on our tenacity, persistence, and patience.

How we do it

We tell our clients the truth about what is possible. We trust ourselves to play new notes but only after we’ve listened carefully – and that is something we do with passion.

It has often been our experience that the IT department speaks a different language than the other specialty departments. This is why we use images to build a bridge between these disparate worlds. Visualization helps people to understand relationships and find solutions. We clearly depict facts, ideas, and results on business and IT maps.

We make you successful in three steps. In so doing, we ensure that new concepts and innovations are not only implemented, but also take root.

1. Analysis: Asking questions. Everything starts by asking the right questions. In a workshop, we work with you to identify weak points and potential. This leads to clear results and ensures manageable costs.

2. Conception: Proposing solutions. Using the results of the workshop, we work out a customized solution comprised of clearly defined processes.

3. Implementation: Integrating results. We implement concepts hand in hand with your employees. They thus identify from the get go with the goals we have set. Each participant has a role to play and has the necessary know-how.

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