Projects need heroes: from our years of project experience, we know that this is the key to success. But what makes a consultant into a hero? In order to become a hero, a consultant must, in addition to possessing expertise and methodology, find a personal style and be authentic. In other words, he or she must find the golden mean between methodology and humanity.

The golden gap

Methodology is important, but what exactly is the right balance between methodology and humanity in a project situation? What are the fundamentals that support this project both methodically and humanly? These questions have guided us through our many years of project experience. By becoming coaches, we’ve also developed the skills and tools for closing the gap between methods and people.

You too can be a project hero

From our many years of experience, practice, and coaching, we offer you the best practical approach (methodically and humanly) to prepare you for choosing the right tool for each situation. In so doing, we find out what makes you a hero, what your personal style is like and when you come off as authentic.

Appointments on request

Schloss Hohenkammer,
north of Munich
Maximum number of participants: 12
Workshop led by:
Barbara Wittmann & Dr. Andreas Bungert
Price: EUR 1,250,- plus VAT

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In an interactive and hands-on two-day training session, we cover the following topics:

Day 1: What makes a project strong? People & methods
• Starting and finishing projects
the art of starting a journey together and successfully seeing it
through to the end
• The perfect mixture of images and words
representing complex requirements in a coherent fashion
• The essence of project communication
active listening and smart questions

Day 2: What makes you strong? From consultant to hero
• Heroic moments
which experiences make you proud and
what do they teach you about yourself?
• Authentic advice
what makes you unique? In which situations do you thrive?
What do you stand for?
• Even heroes need advice
who are your supporters and what gives you strength?


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